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Welcome to your REAL journey

The REAL Health Partnership Assessment (RHPA) will provide a clear set of individual data that will enable your REAL Health Partner to build a bespoke health programme with you, designed to achieve your desired outcomes based on hard facts. You and your allocated Health Partner will have a better understanding of what your strengths and areas of development are.

the programme

The REAL Personal Commitment Programme

Your programme will provide a blend of specialist services including: physiotherapy, sports massage, Pilates (mat and reformer), hybrid training (REAL’s functional exercise classes), and if appropriate, pre and rehabilitation therapy – whatever is needed to help you achieve your desired health outcomes.

Your goals

Between yourself and your Health Partner, a plan will be created for how to reach your health goals in the safest and most effective way. This plan will also consider your work/life commitments and time available to commit.  

class levels

Levels to suit you

A vital component of our REAL Health Assessment is establishing which class level each client will benefit from the most! Your prescription will set you which level classes you should be attending, but then you have the choice of which days and times

Where is your level at?

Your Health Partner can also modify which class level you are most suited to during your prescription! It might be you have progressed really well and are ready for a higher level, or it might be you have sustained an injury and are suitable to keep training, but at a lower level class to accommodate your recovery.

“Your Health Partner will prescribe the most appropriate class level for you”.

class levels

Classes from August 2020

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Start your health journey.

Let’s find the perfect REAL Health Partnership for your starting point and future goals! Take a moment to register your interest with us. A member of our team will then get in touch with you to talk about next steps.